TWO MILE HOLLOW – Reviews and Reflections

TWO MILE HOLLOW has officially closed!
But reviews live on forever!

The Houston Press

Le’s hysterical laugh, along with all manner of vocalizations that act as some kind of emotional release valve, are endlessly entertaining, and contribute to the best performance of the evening. – Natalie De La Garza

Houstonia Magazine

“ROGUE PRODUCTIONS BRINGS US A BIZARRE PLAY by Leah Nanako Winkler that takes us to the Hamptons. That’s where you meet Mary (a stand-out Mai Le)…” – Doni Wilson

The Houston Chronicle

“It’s quite an act to pull off… One character asks another, ‘have you tried therapeutic horseback riding?’ A matriarch complains about too much flavor in her soup. It’s all very funny.” – Wei Huan Chen

We even got a nod from another theatre critic from the Houston Press, Jessica Goldman:

And now, the time for reflection:

Thank you so much to the ladies of Rogue Productions ( Facebook Link Twitter Link Instagram Link ) – Rachael Logue, Chelsea Ryan McCurdy, and Tanya, and Michelle, our production manager – for producing a show whose playwright, director, designers, stage manager, cast, and crew were POC!! Thank you for empowering us and trusting us to create something bold, hilarious, and poignant in this medium that is so bittersweetly transient.

Thank you so much Lisa Villegas for your vision, as well as your grace, patience, and diligence in guiding us through this wild, funny, yet incredibly intelligent script. Thank you Trinity Nobles for being with us every day, making sure we’re taken care of, and making sure that the production is constantly running at its best. You are – the best – SM I’ve ever had the honor of working with.

Thank you so much to Abraham Zapata (Joshua), Jovan Jackson (Christopher), Kaci M. Fannin (Blythe), and Samantha Jaramillo (Charlotte) for being such a brilliant and talented cast, but more importantly, my stage family and scene partners. I admire you all, and I have grown because of your gifts. And I do truly mean this: I’m so, so sorry you all had to suffer through watching me eat a mountain of soggy bread with my mouth wide-the-fuck-open every show. I’m not an elegant eater.

And my God, thank you to every single designer (Afsaneh Aayani – Set and Props; Tony Lopez – Sound; John Paul Morales – Lights; Krystal Marie Uchem – Wardrobe; Logan Keslar – Wigs; and Travis Kirk Coombs – Musical Composition) for each of your brilliant designs and for giving the show it’s color and environmental vibrance. We really were a couple of rich whites (and Charlotte) in a gorgeous house set by the water in the middle of a storm, with a flurry of calming seagulls lulling us into a false sense of peace. And thank you, Heidi Hinkel, for being our wonderful fight coordinator. It’s because of your creativity and expertise that our knees, wrists, and backs were kept safe through all the magic!

And thank you so, so much to every single person who came out to see the show. Your support and your laughter and your gasps every time Sam screamed out “C***!!!” meant the world to us.

Though TWO MILE HOLLOW is closed, it’s a production that will live long in my heart and mind – and in anyone else’s who reminisces and remembers the line “You have to have the courage to eat the world.”

… or “Like Hawthorne said, I had not known the weight until I felt the freedom.”

… or “My people. We’ll take and we’ll take and we’ll take. And we are not very giving.”

…or this one that’s still got both me and Jessica.

Just. Thank you.

Much Love,
Mai Le